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Things I’m Thankful For – 2010 Edition

I’ve always thought that Christmas and Thanksgiving should be consolidated into a single holiday, where we can eat Turkey, open presents, give thanks, and straight people and lesbians can watch football, but now I realize that New Years makes Thanksgiving redundant. Truly we should give thanks for what we have on New Years Eve. […]

Never Been Kissed

Like what seems like a majority of gay America, I’m a big fan of “Glee”, which is one of the three shows I’ll Hulu during the week. I’m also a huge fan of “The Onion AV Club”, which for those not in the know is the Onion’s non-satirical pop culture site, and I always read […]

The Big D

B and I have been trying to see each other about once a month. At first the ratio of time away to time together was way off, but I’ve slowly acclimated to the fact that (A) this is as much time as I can spend away and (B) this is about as much as I […]

The Oak Lawn Tales – The Threat of Sex

When I was in college the only family I had in 500 miles was my aunt Marty and her husband Dave. Marty came of age in the 70’s, and her life reflected the wanderlust of the era; after finishing college she worked as a meat cutter for 10 years, decided that wasn’t good enough, went […]

Happy Birthday B!

Happy Birthday B,

Working on this blog has made me realize how much I’ve grown up not just during my years in Dallas but over these past two years. Dallas taught me how to be gay but you taught me how to be in a relationship. Best of luck with everything going on this week.