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Normalized Hotness

America in general, and gays in particular, are very image driven; we’re drawn to hot people like moths to a flame. However, there is a small problem: hot people are crazy. You go out with them a few times, and while sure, the sex is great, they have so many hang ups like “taking two […]

I Failed Tyler Clementi

Those who have read this blog know that the biggest hurdle I had with being gay was coming out to myself. When you’re young and full of self doubt, facing the stigma and being an outcast to your family and friends is overwhelming. Through this blog I’ve tried to document what I went through, […]

I am The Ricky!

Today, Ricky Martin shocked no one by coming out. Let me say that coming out is never easy, even ten years after you were a massively popular household name, and I’m very glad he did. I couldn’t help imagining what conversations were going on between him and his boyfriend the days leading up to the […]

The Agenda

I know my straight reader out there doesn’t get the monthly magazine that comes with gay membership, which means you don’t have access to our super secret gay agenda. I could get in big trouble for this, but I’m going to share with the entire internet our most trusted secret.

The gay agenda is to […]

Miss Me Yet?

Dear small business owners of Wyoming, MN who put up this:

Please listen to this.