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So… How’s it Going?

Hello Blog. It’s been a while. Like over half of the Obama administration while.

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

B and I were not able to make the long distance work, and we ultimately – and ultimately amicably – broke up. After some things that did not work […]

The Oak Lawn Tales – The Ice Storm

All Coated In Ice

In February of 2003, a crippling ice storm hit the Dallas/Fort Worth area. To be fair, any winter storm in Dallas is crippling. Dallas residents assume that because they have 4 wheel drive they can drive at full speed on ice, which leads to many SUV’s sliding through intersections. This […]

The Oak Lawn Tales – The Dangers Of Trading Up

This is the tale of two men, Jon and Joe, and the dangers of trading up.

I met Jon chatting online one night on He was an analyst for a major retail corporation who was recently out of college, a snappy dresser, and worked far too many hours, but we had found time to […]

The Oak Lawn Tales – Kickboxing

Lajos and I continued to meet for dinner and other occasions, but we were in no way “dating.” In some ways, the concept of dating Lajos was like the concept of dating Owen Wilson; they were both fantasies to me. Lajos was the guy at the party everyone wanted to take home with them, and […]

Normalized Hotness

America in general, and gays in particular, are very image driven; we’re drawn to hot people like moths to a flame. However, there is a small problem: hot people are crazy. You go out with them a few times, and while sure, the sex is great, they have so many hang ups like “taking two […]

The Oak Lawn Tales – I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

I was already in Dallas on September 11th, 2001. We watched CNN in a conference room, went to the local sports bar for lunch because they had lots of televisions, and called our loved ones after work. It’s hard for me to say that everything changed after that day, because I’d only arrived in Dallas […]

It Gets Better… If…

The following is from my friend Lucas, and I think the story he tells should be heard. Change doesn’t just come from people not hating us; it comes from us not hating ourselves and each other anymore.

A Poem For National Coming Out Day

It Gets Better by Nick Velasquez

If you feel isolated, alone, and think that being gay is too much, you feel yourself sink deep in an ocean of solace; lonely and sad I speak for all of us when I say: our bad

This is not the world you should have […]

I Failed Tyler Clementi

Those who have read this blog know that the biggest hurdle I had with being gay was coming out to myself. When you’re young and full of self doubt, facing the stigma and being an outcast to your family and friends is overwhelming. Through this blog I’ve tried to document what I went through, […]

Scoopy Spoons

The time between B getting a job offer and him moving was about two weeks, and in that time he had to pack up two years worth of items from the house. For the most part during that time we tried not to talk about “us”, because there was so much to do to […]