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Lets Go To The Mall Today!

The Galleria

This was an email rant from 2002 about Mall shopping in Dallas.

Last Sunday one of the top ten most horrific things that can happen to me came to pass – I had worn through a pair of jeans and needed a new pair. I admit, this doesn’t hold the terror of, […]

The Oak Lawn Tales – Arriving in Dallas

Disclaimer: despite the potential for all sorts of racy adventures, pretty much all of these stories are PG rated, as they mostly end with me not having sex. Well, except for one, but that’s for later.

Due to being a computer science / film double major, it took me 5.5 years to finish school. Things […]

Oak Lawn Tales – Welcome to the Party

“How did you discover your sexuality?” is really not a question you should drop on people in casual conversation, work conversation, or pretty much ask anyone except if you are a therapist. I kind of wish I could ask though, just to compare notes. Yes, I know, it’s w-aaay too much information, but it’s something […]

Funeral Planning

My funeral is too important to let other people plan it, because quite honestly y’all would just screw it up. It’s not like I think it really should go too off script; there is a pretty well established pattern here. I just think I should put down my thoughts now; managing from the grave if […]