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The Oak Lawn Tales – I Respect You And Think Nothing Less Of You

Being in the closet keeps a big secret from the people who care about you. When I say big secret, I mean “I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die” big secret; something significant enough to feel like if someone heard it their perception of you would be altered forever. I think […]

Queer Cinema

B and I have been watching a lot of Netflix lately, both the traditional DVD’s and the instant watching service. At first I was making the same mistake I made when I used Netflix before of only adding movies I feel obligated to watch to my queue. Sadly, when you come home after a […]

The Oak Lawn Tales – Getting Stronger

Along with being closeted gay and the not blond kid, I was a ninety eight pound weakling in high school. The nervousness of screwing up in front of my classmates and my natural clumsiness resulted in being bad at every thing, and I was always picked last for any sport in gym class.. Because my […]

The Agenda

I know my straight reader out there doesn’t get the monthly magazine that comes with gay membership, which means you don’t have access to our super secret gay agenda. I could get in big trouble for this, but I’m going to share with the entire internet our most trusted secret.

The gay agenda is to […]

Miss Me Yet?

Dear small business owners of Wyoming, MN who put up this:

Please listen to this.



The Oak Lawn Tales – But That’s Where The Strange People Live!

One of the perks of getting my first job at the tail end of the tech boom was that Multi-national corp flew me down for a house hunting trip. For the five and a half years prior I had lived in slummy apartments around Lawrence, KS, and I had very low standards for my new […]

Holidays on Ice and Snow and Gaga

Between work and the holidays, B and I weren’t going to see a lot of each other in December and January. As an organist Christmas has a lot of extra responsibilities, and he added some more by organizing a Christmas concert at a church he used to play at. On top of that both of […]