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A Poem For National Coming Out Day

It Gets Better
by Nick Velasquez

If you feel isolated, alone, and think
that being gay is too much, you feel yourself sink
deep in an ocean of solace; lonely and sad
I speak for all of us when I say: our bad

This is not the world you should have to live in
You deserve better; we know that, but it has been
hard to pull change from under America’s thumb
for the simple reason that people are dumb

They yell that what’s wrong with the country are those gays
and use us to symbolize the end of days
and say our agenda will cripple our nation
so vote for me, and I’ll show them damnation!

These are the reasons your peers heckle and tease
and treat you like an outcast, a germ, a disease
People with power use us like boogey-men
And sadly we have been powerless to stop them.

But you’re not the villain; you’re the protagonist
the bionic gay hero, the strongest, fastest!
Don’t ever feel guilt, or remorse, or shame
for being gay; in the end, there’s no one to blame

Your parents may not understand now, but they will
because parental love is something that’s hard to kill
It seems crazy now but believe that in the end
there is very little that love cannot mend

And just you wait; because in a few years time
you’ll find love, support, and everything will be fine
You’ll look back at yourself and see what you’ve done
and give a pat on the back for all you’ve overcome.

It gets better: it won’t always be this way
Change is hard; Rome wasn’t built in a day
We will fix this together and make a world that’s new
A world that’s better because it has you.

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