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So… How’s it Going?

Hello Blog. It’s been a while. Like over half of the Obama administration while.

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

B and I were not able to make the long distance work, and we ultimately – and ultimately amicably – broke up. After some things that did not work out, that maybe someday I can write about, I met A. After two years together, A had to move for work five hours away. Despite the fact that I don’t have a good history with long distance relationships, I want this one to work out.

Things seemed to be heading on the right path since I last posted on this blog. Gay marriage went from something no one wanted to the law of the land! The economy climbed out of deep recession by adding millions of jobs! We can now ask our speakers to play that funky music, and half the time they get it right! Sadly, last year Biff became president and it has been chaos ever since.

For the past four years, my work has been off the hook, but in a creative way that engaged me. What started as “overwhelming creative endeavor” has evolved into “nine to five job”, and my required dedication has gone from 180% down to about 70% over that time. What I have missed is a vehicle to post thoughts that were my own, and not owned by my employer.

Three years ago I suffered a concussion while, of all things, on vacation trying to relax from my job. I’m very lucky that it could have been much worse, I didn’t come out unscathed. The combination of head injury, age, and possibly (probably) alcohol has dulled my memory and put a fog over old events. Looking over what I wrote down over the years now has new meaning, as I now realize I may not always be able to remember where my mind was throughout my life.

So, here I go again on my own. I have a few ideas I want to write down, half baked though they may be, and more I want to explore. I’m hoping to give my brain a little bit of mental exercise outside of work, and try to share myself with my audience of two. Let’s see what happens.

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