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The Agenda

I know my straight reader out there doesn’t get the monthly magazine that comes with gay membership, which means you don’t have access to our super secret gay agenda. I could get in big trouble for this, but I’m going to share with the entire internet our most trusted secret.

The gay agenda is to live our lives as people, with a side order of please stop hating us.

Honest, that’s it. That’s our sinister plan. We don’t have recruiters. We don’t want to sodomize teenagers. We don’t even want to redefine spiritual marriage. It’s taken me a while to understand why gay marriage is such a fiery issue. While I think marriage would encourage stable gay relationships and help lower promiscuity, which for health reasons would be reason alone for such measures to exist, I’ve simply accepted as fact that I would never see this happen in my lifetime. Is it really worth the fight? I don’t want to be an activist, I just want to live my life. Why is it such an issue? I have my own personal theory. Before I begin, I must explain that I’m not the religious one in this house. I was raised catholic by my parents, but I was a bigger fan of Jesus’s golden rule than anything in the Old Testament (even the parts involving fire). I probably learned more about spiritual living from Bill and Ted than I ever did from the church.

I’m going to do some stereotyping of my own: to those who take a strict interpretationist view of the Bible, the idea that gays can be good people is as much of a wrecking ball as evolution.  God destroyed Sodom because we’d turned the place into Studio 54, and so the gays had better be stopped before we do the same to the U.S. of fucking A. It’s impossible to argue with logic like that as it’s so deep rooted that no amount of reason will unseat it.  This division has had a lot of casualties. It would be unfair to say that the entire spiritual community speaks with one voice on this, as the issue has divided the spiritual community and is at the center of the Anglican schism, causing divides between conservatives and liberals within the church. More personally, I’ve seen religion play a valuable part of people’s lives, but I’ve also had numerous friends who spent years reconciling their spiritual faith with their homosexuality. Using exile as a tool to enforce morality is a terrible thing to do for any group, especially one that lives by Jesus’ teachings.

I don’t want to be an activist. I don’t want to throw my sexuality in people’s faces, to make them uncomfortable until they get over it, but I am tired of being used. I’m tired of political parties using oppressing gays as a way to get votes. I’m tired of watching state after state ban gay marriage in order to “protect marriage.” We don’t want to destroy America, we just want to stop being second class citizens.

I’ll end with a clip from the New York senate. During the arguments for the failed gay marriage bill, Senator Diane Savino gave one of the most moving arguments for gay marriage. Please watch share.

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