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The Oak Lawn Tales – The Ice Storm

All Coated In Ice

In February of 2003, a crippling ice storm hit the Dallas/Fort Worth area. To be fair, any winter storm in Dallas is crippling. Dallas residents assume that because they have 4 wheel drive they can drive at full speed on ice, which leads to many SUV’s sliding through intersections. This […]

The Oak Lawn Tales – The Dangers Of Trading Up

This is the tale of two men, Jon and Joe, and the dangers of trading up.

I met Jon chatting online one night on He was an analyst for a major retail corporation who was recently out of college, a snappy dresser, and worked far too many hours, but we had found time to […]

The Oak Lawn Tales – Kickboxing

Lajos and I continued to meet for dinner and other occasions, but we were in no way “dating.” In some ways, the concept of dating Lajos was like the concept of dating Owen Wilson; they were both fantasies to me. Lajos was the guy at the party everyone wanted to take home with them, and […]

The Oak Lawn Tales – I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

I was already in Dallas on September 11th, 2001. We watched CNN in a conference room, went to the local sports bar for lunch because they had lots of televisions, and called our loved ones after work. It’s hard for me to say that everything changed after that day, because I’d only arrived in Dallas […]

The Oak Lawn Tales – First Date?

The three day rule is the worst. The rule that you don’t call someone back right away, but wait a little time to show that you’re really not interested? It sucks, but it’s a good rule, and here’s why: without the rule, we’d show are total freaks by calling and saying “ohmygodiamsogladyouanswerediamsoexcitedtotalktoyou” right out of […]

The Oak Lawn Tales – The Halloween Party

When I first moved down to Dallas I had no life of my own because I couldn’t separate my life from work. It all stems back to my childhood and my first computer, the Commodore 64. As an awkward kid, it was a lot easier for me to relate to the Commodore’s internal memory map […]

The Oak Lawn Tales – I Respect You And Think Nothing Less Of You

Being in the closet keeps a big secret from the people who care about you. When I say big secret, I mean “I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die” big secret; something significant enough to feel like if someone heard it their perception of you would be altered forever. I think […]

The Oak Lawn Tales – Getting Stronger

Along with being closeted gay and the not blond kid, I was a ninety eight pound weakling in high school. The nervousness of screwing up in front of my classmates and my natural clumsiness resulted in being bad at every thing, and I was always picked last for any sport in gym class.. Because my […]

The Oak Lawn Tales – But That’s Where The Strange People Live!

One of the perks of getting my first job at the tail end of the tech boom was that Multi-national corp flew me down for a house hunting trip. For the five and a half years prior I had lived in slummy apartments around Lawrence, KS, and I had very low standards for my new […]

The Oak Lawn Tales – ESL

By the end of my first year in Dallas, I had learned a major lesson: In 2001, at any given hour of the day, there was always an episode of Law & Order on. The syndication rights had been split between A&E and TNT – two cable networks that had very few quality reruns to […]